Virtual Escape Room

This is a virtual fun, friend, and fundraising event. You simple gather 6 to 12 people to meet via zoom or in your safety bubble. It’s $10 per person/per event. You will designate a lead person who will give instructions to your host who is locked inside the room. Your team will need to solve clues, riddles and puzzles as you attempt to free your host from the locked room.

The “game” lasts about an hour and offers tons of good fun! Players will need: 1) A Zoom account and 2) At least one (1) desktop computer or laptop per team. (Smartphones, Chromebooks, or Ipads may work, but may not have access to all features on Zoom meetings). Your team does not even need to be in the same state because it is all virtual!! Kayla and Chris have many time slots available to choose from throughout the month of March. Go to to reserve a date and time. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Escape Room Experience by phone (603-366-6296) or email