“Art In the Park: Intergenerational Outdoor Creativity” Summer Program ~ For All Ages

Now that our Children’s Christian Education Program will end for the summer starting June 19th, we will continue to offer an “Art in The Park” Summer Program for all ages based on the summer scriptures after service at 11:00 am.

We’ll explore various fun forms of artistic expression and self-exploration as we journey through exciting scripture gems including the books of Esther and Ruth! I hope you will be able to join us for some relaxation and fun.

Please join us by the picnic tables in the playground by either taking the elevator to the ground level and coming through the playground gate or down the stairs and through the back door to the playground as it is convenient and safe for you. If the weather is too hot or uncooperative, we will meet in Currier Hall or downstairs in the John Conference Room.

I hope to have the schedule posted for everyone by June 24th. Happy summer everyone! (officially on June 21st ; ) )

~ Peaceful Rest and Joyful Relaxation,

Christine Lehoullier