The Church operates through an elected Church Council and several volunteer Boards and Committees, as defined in the By-Laws.

  • Council — Shall meet regularly, at least ten times annually, with the Moderator as its chair. Council meetings shall be open to all members of the Church for information or discussion.
    Council has thirteen members:

    • The Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, Pastor
    • A duly appointed representative from each of the following Boards: Christian Education, Deacons, Facilities, Missions, and Personnel;
    • Three at-large members are elected from the congregation.
  • Board of Deacons — Cares for the spiritual life of the Church and Community in cooperation with the Pastor.
  • Board of FacilitiesCares for the physical facilities of the church
  • Board of Christian EducationFosters and promotes the Christian Education of all ages through teaching, programs, and activities.
  • Board of Christian Outreach and Mission — Supports the church’s mission projects and outreach plans and activities.
  • Personnel Board — Provides guidance and establish standards on personnel policies and procedures in accordance with state and federal laws.
  • Nominating Committee — Maintains the occupancy of all elected positions of the Church.
  • Historical Preservation Committee — Accepts, identifies, restores, and preserves the history of First Parish Church.
  • Delegates — Represent the Church at UCC and related events.
  • Safe Church Committee — Identifies and implements ways in which we can best create a safe church culture through education and the implementation of new written policies when appropriate.
  • Finance Committee — Oversees the financial life of the church, prepares and monitors approved annual budgets, audits the books of account of the church, and manages the investments of the church.
  • Music Committee — Leads the Church’s music program.

Various special or ad hoc committees or teams may be appointed by Council as needed, such as the Building Advisory Committee (BAC) that manages the Meetinghouse Preservation effort, and the Fundraising Committee that holds events and other fundraisers for the church.


  • Annual MeetingThe Annual Meeting shall be held at such time as the Church Council shall determine, to elect officers for the ensuing year; to hear and act on the yearly reports of officers, boards, committees and organizations; to adopt a budget; to transact business and to adopt plans for the ensuing year.
  • Special Meetings — These shall be called by the Clerk specifying the purpose thereof. The request for a special meeting may be made by (a) any Pastor, (b) the Church Council, (c) any Board or Standing Committee, or (d) on the written request of any ten (10) members of the Church.