“Wonder as you Wander,”

Advent Story Trail and Enrichment Guide

Download the guide here

You may have seen or maybe you’ve visited a “Live Nativity,” “Stations of the Cross,” or some similar type of “walk-through” learning experience. The “Advent Bible Story Trail” is a similar type of “journey” through a story — and one that seems like a particularly good fit for the social-distancing needs as we face concerns of Covid-19 surges and breakthrough variants.

The following idea for an “Advent Trail” was inspired by one author’s local nature center. They enlarged and laminated the pages of children’s nature books and placed the laminated page along the side of a short trail near the center.

Everyone is invited to walk along the “trail” at First Parish Congregational Church during this season of anticipation and contemplation during Advent with an activity guide, now located inside Currier Hall due to weather-related issues, using this added booklet as a guide for enrichment and additonal activities to take with you to continue the enjoyment and experience at home! Pick u your paper bag of accessories along with your guide at the office.